Arttralia is making a good cause for Sekolah Rendah Sengkurong by decorating artworks for one of their school buildings. They finished it only one week before school re-opens and the students there were on a huge surprise. It was at 2/1/2012.

Initially the building’s wall looked very old as some of the paints were either de-colored or peeled off. It was a activity which is going to take a lot of effort. They had to peel off the initial paintings, paint and re-paint them and pallets them with their artwork. Fast forward, the job was finally done.

Now the wall got an artistic touch to it. One which the students of Sekolah Rendah Sengkurong would likely to enjoy. What was once an old building with cracked painted wall is now painted with Cartoons.

The members included the project are Erne Zainal (in-charge), Hasbullah Noor (2nd In-charge), Shafiq , Qawii HusainiMuiz Sabliand Zakwan Zinal Abidin.Like their fanpage. Simply click the picture below and you will be directed to the fanpage.
Their last project was the Mural Painting by MegaStrike Bowling alley in Airport Berakas Mall.

Abdul Malik Omar
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