Golden Age of Brunei Darussalam: Story of Sultan Bolkiah the 5th

The Golden Age of Brunei Darussalam is synonymous to our Great Sultan Bolkiah the 5th.

This is the age when Brunei Darussalam became the most respected superpower in the Malayan archipelago.

(Kingdom of Brunei at its greatest height that practically controlled over the whole of Borneo Island, the Sulu Archipelago, and its Neighboring states.)

Sultan Bolkiah created a Greater Brunei that practically controlled over the whole of Borneo Island, the Sulu Archipelago, and its Neighboring states.

Sultan Bolkiah was a direct decedent from Prophet Muhammad himself.

Under Almighty Allah’s will and blessings on Sultan Bolkiah, The Greater Brunei Prospered.

His relentless quest for national progress went with unabated desire and intensity.

He pushed and ordered all his chiefs, lieutenants and ministers to constantly seek new ideas to develop our Great Nation.

Frequently travelling abroad, he was regularly inspired by Foreign National progress.

But he was never satisfied, so he sought out his ultimate conquests.

One that will go down in Brunei History as one of the most ambitious undertaking in Ancient Malayan History.

He put up an invincible Bruneian army that domination those who oppose his will.

Part of his Conquests led to Brunei’s dominance that reached from the whole of Borneo to as faraway as to Selurong(Manila) to Singapore(Vague) and Johore.

When visiting conquered islands and states, he would plant a speck of pepper into the territory to mark the newly Bruneian Land.

From here he married one of the Islamic rulers daughters. Her name is Laila Mecanai.

The Greater Brunei he achieved ultimately fortified Brunei’s Islamic Influence, Unity and Power over the Wide region.

He was a very wise leader for he foresees and solves problems as they happen.

For instance, when overpopulation struck, he graciously allowed his peoples to venture out of Brunei to migrate into North Borneo and to the Sulu.

When Ancient China imposed monopoly to trade in the island of Philipines, Sultan Bolkiah was the one who broke it.

He is reputed as the “Singing Captain” (Nakhoda Ragam) for his love of Art, Antiques and Music were legendary.

One day tragedy struck. He died.

According to legend, he died a romantic death.

Where he was accidentally poked by a poison golden needle by his wife, Lela Mechanai. They were on their way to Melaka in the royal vessel.

Lela Mechanai regretting what she did, plunged into the sea and drowned a short while after.

Upon his death, Sultan Bolkiah was succeeded by his son, Abdul Kahar.

But it was never the same.

The Sadness and Grief over his death were felt by friends and foes alike.

Kota Batu, Brunei

Sultan Bolkiah and Lela Menchanai were then peacefully buried at the royal tomb in Kota Batu, Brunei Darussalam.

The Greater Brunei Darussalam was his legacy.

A legacy which will live on for the Millenias to come.

One which will one day be studied to inspire the youths and people back to create a Greater Brunei Darussalam.

This time not through Conquests of lands but through Conquests Knowledge, Economy and Politics of the world.

Under Almighty Allah’s will and blessings, The Greater Brunei Darussalam shall soon Prosper again.

With our great Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah’s leading our way for Vision of 2035 and the inspiration of Sultan Bolkiah of the past, let us all take a stand and unite to create the next Greater Brunei Darussalam.

The Greater Brunei by 2035 Awaits Us

For Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah is ever hoping us to develop the 2035 vision of the future.

Let us all take inspiration from the 5th Sultan of Brunei, Sultan Bolkiah and be soon shall Brunei Darussalam prevail all over the world.

(The author in front of the tomb of the Great King of Brunei)

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  1. I’m from England and upon seeing this bit right here I sense that your country will be great again someday. Keep up with your good work.


  2. He is the descendant of Sultan Sharif Ali and Sharif Ali is the direct descendant of the Prophet PBUH. That’s not a legend, that’s the fact. Even if you ask Pehin Jamil, most renowned Brunei historian, he will say the same thing.More than once you mention the word ‘legend’ (based on old stories which is not usually true). Whereas history is based on TRUE facts.


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