Don't call me panda

To the untrained eye they may look like baby pandas, but in fact the young girl is holding a pair of dogs. Dogs called chow chow. This is in China and so called Beauticians dyed the poor animal out off their colors.

However this is not something new but in fact its been a trend in pet pampering for quite some time.

The trend demonstrates how quickly and dramatically attitudes toward pets — particularly dogs — particulary in Asia.

Dog Meat anyone?

In Taiwan, for example,a decade ago, dogs were still eaten in public restaurants and were bred in farms for purpose as Cows is for Steak. It is said that it can fortify one’s health. That’s according to Ancient Traditional Monks. Really? Eating dogs? Yummy?

Elsewhere, in mainland China, dog meat is still very much on the menu. In fact, it’s more expensive than pork or beef. So, while more people may be eating dog as the country gets richer, newly wealthy Chinese have embraced dog-owning culture with a vengeance.

Dogs are brought into restaurants, fussed over in public, dressed up in ridiculous outfits and some even dyed to look like ferocious tigers. Here are pictures below to show how the Trending attitude towards dogs is going on in Asia.

Panda or Dog? Tiger or food? You be the judge:

Panda Dog 1
Panda Dog 2

Tiger Dog 2
The Main Course: Steamed Dog Meat.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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