3000 year old Egyption singer’s tomb has been found in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings as announced.

It is said that her fame and beauty transcends that of Beyonce’s of her day. Its logical to assume it as she got a royal tomb made for her.

According to Al Ahram Newspaper last Sunday, Swiss archaeologist came across the burial ground of Nehmes Bastet by accident, Antiquities Minister Mohammad Ibrahim said.

An inscription found on a wooden plaque on the tomb said that she was the daughter of the High Priest of Amon and sang for the supreme deity Amon Ra during the 22nd Dynasty, which reigned between 945 and 712 BC.

Luxor‘s Valley of the Kings is where the gold funeral mask of Tutankhamun was unearthed in 1922, and until now, the only tombs found there were linked to the royal families of ancient Egypt.

The discovery is important because “it shows that the Valley of the Kings was also used for the burial of ordinary individuals and priests of the 22nd Dynasty,” the minister added.

The name “Bastet” refers to a feline goddess of ancient Egyptian religion and indicates that the singer was thought to be protected by that deity.

The coffin — the 64th to be discovered in the Valley of the Kings — likely will be opened later this week.

So Beyonce Nehmes Bastet has finally got her burial ground opened. Now she is set to make wonders among the visitors eyes as she will be showcased in a museum.

But is it not strange that bodies of people are showcased in museums for everyone to watch? I mean what the body is someone you know? Plain disrespectful?

-You draw the line.

Abdul Malik Omar
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