Clamp Down on Illegal Renting of RPN Housing

Pic credits: The Scoop

As of late, I have been observing RPN houses being actively advertised on social media. If one were to talk to the residents around these RPN villages, this issue has been persisting for over several years now with many increasingly complaining at the lack of government enforcement on the matter.

As such, the government specifically the Ministry of Development has to step in to halt these illegal renting operations given it contravenes against the RPN agreement made between the government and the homeowners. 

Homeowners should by right live in the housing, yet why are they renting the houses out? If so, what is the point of giving these people houses? Clearly, they do not need it. In fact, it is unethical for them to profit against the public housing system. Is this the way to show gratitude to the government?

All in all, these operations should be investigated immediately. Those who are found to rent out their RKN properties should be given warning letters and be fined accordingly. In worse cases, their housing should be confiscated and given to those who actually need them. 

When there are an increasing numbers of people finding it difficult to afford houses and with tens of thousands still waiting for the RPN queue, it would only make sense to provide these homes for those who truly deserve them. Not to those who exploit the government by renting the properties them out to make illegal profit.

The Ministry of Development must step in to enforce the law. Go and send officers to all the villages to talk to the residents or the village heads. The residents would know where these seedy illegal renting operations are. 

Stern and serious action must be taken immediately as people are increasingly growing unhappy and weary of this issue. 

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