SANDI is equivalent to “Damn” in a softer and more humorous sense for Bruneians Youths. It started hyping a few months ago among the teenagers through various local social network such as Twitter, Facebook etc. Will “SANDI” be one of the new word coined into the dictionary of informal Language this 2012 for Brunei?

Some word examples for “SANDI” include:


“Hey where is the CD man?”
“SANDI! I forgot!”

“Ehh SANDI! Bising kamu ani eh! SANDI!”

Just last year we have heard some new words popping, One of such is “Swag”. The word “Swag” is way in which one carry himself or herself.The word is made famous worldwide by Soulja Boy’s catchy tune “Turn my Swag On”. And now some teenagers in Brunei are using it. Its getting viral by the day.

Currently “SANDI” is widespread. Not only because is it catchy but it has that Indian element in it which makes it funny. In fact it preferable to use it over “Damn”, “Sia*” or any other bad languages in the Malay dictionary. The word “SANDI” is building up in facebook, tumblr, twitter etc, soon enough it will be used widespread. Its is only a matter of time.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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