“So Siuk” mini-reality Youtube series, produced by our Bruneian youths from Maktab Sains has been released! It showcases students battling it out to be the winner for the missions set out below as written in the description bar on their youtube channel.

First Mission:
Find the Guest! Players are required to look for the guest, hiding among the people in red shirts around the dorm. She has a sticker on a particular part of her body, thus need to be removed in order to win.
At the same time, the guest is required to complete her mission by allocating names hidden under sandals/heels/shoes on the 2nd floor.

2nd mission:
Part I
6 keys are presented to the teams. They will have to take only two and go to respective rooms that fits the key. In each room there is a kitchen utensil to be used at the last game in the second mission. The teams will need a total of 2 kitchen utensils in total.

Part II
After deciding which of the two utensils is the “Acid” and the “Alkali”. Afterwards, the teams are to roll a dice to obtain the number of scoops of Acid (milo) or Alkali (sugar) required in their cup. The first team to finish drinking the hot cup of milo and return the cups to the sink will win the round and gain advantage.

As Farihin Hamdani, the executive producer said in our previous post, that the youtube show aims to entertain families and friends out there. The production was initially inspired by the Korean variety show “Running Man”. A show if you have not known is quite popular to the Korean fanatics here in Brunei Darussalam. Now theses students are making a version of their own, thus “So Siuk”.

Tune in to their next episodes in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile lets look at what PTEK are doing now.