A local man was brutalized by a road bully at Tungku Link in Gadong last Thursday. Its a very disgusting act considering how the bully behaved.

The victim was on the way home. Feeling frustrated in the traffic, he decide to cut corners. When suddenly a man in another car shouted at him to stop. He ignored him. However the road bully drove passed him and stopped him on the track. The guy who was heavily built and tall, approached the victim and beat the hell out off him.

The whole are was in a commotion. Sensing danger, The bully escaped but the victim got record of his license plate. Then he went to RIPAS Hospital before lodging a report to the police. The police have launched investigations to track down the road bully.

Why in the world would someone attack a person just because he cut a corner in traffic? Is this logical? Does being strong give one the right to beat up an innocent person?

This is an example of a negative personality that all of us should avoid. Its sickening, disgusting and horrible. Crime does not go unpunished and its only a matter of time before the bully get what he deserve.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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