Create Job Opportunities for Bruneians

With each passing year the repeated patterns of news and economic reports headlining Brunei as having high levels of unemployment is becoming all the more pressing to solve. 

Yet, with a weak economy with decent paid jobs mostly concentrated in public administration and oil and gas sector, it makes it seem the government is not doing anything to solve the plight of the majority who are not as lucky and privileged.

I have personally spoken to more than a dozen young highly educated people and many of them are sharing the sentiment the government is not doing enough. 

Many wished to go abroad to get work than to continue languishing in this poor state of the economy.

It is sad to note how young people who are at the prime of their lives and who have studied hard for their qualifications end up doing low-paying jobs or jobs that are totally out of the scope of their studies. 

Is the government doing its best to solve the unemployment issue or is it going to ignore people?  I hope the government takes into account this sentiment because if it does not, the voices of the downtrodden are only going to get louder by the year. 

Hence, job opportunities must be broadened with inclusive- and merit-based policies or else things are going to turn out for the worse for everyone in the economy in the coming years. 

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