Hero Hitler In Love is a 2011 Punjabi romantic and action film released last year. Am I really hearing this one right? Sounds more like Hitler got a change of heart. What is up with the name?

I mean how messed up a movie title can get? More so its a Punjabi movie? Not bad.

Apparently ,The story shapes how Hitler, played by an Indian takes his revenge and fights to win his dream girl and reunite both the nations (India and Pakistan). I sense similarities here..especially in the final part.

Oh really…the great unification of India and Pakistan….Well imaginations can go wild sometimes, its not like a man who has a name “Hitler” would not be able to create the third reich united India and implement Nazi his Ideology to combine those two and create concentration camps for the Jews Mathama Gandhi followers? Could be possible. The actor does look tough. Perhaps he can beat armies down to the ground in no time.

Well that person is no Hitler and he will never be. There is only one Hitler in the world. Love him or hate him, he is one of the greatest political figure in History.  So here is a treat for you guys.

Abdul Malik Omar
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