Top Ten Strange News for Brunei Darussalam at 2011

10) Hail Storm Hits Kg Ayer


A brief hail storm raged in Kg Ayer. A hail storm guys! With the ice!

As a result it forced some residents to relocate, out of fear that their ceilings would collapse.

Rain and hailstones came crashing down their roofs creating a thunderous panic for several minutes.

In conclusion it is a very strange phenomena that did alot of Damage to Kg Ayer.

Brunei Darussalam, a hot and humid climate having hailstones? Better believe it.

9) There’s A Big Fat Worm In My Food!

This is every diners worst nightmare!

Where its reported that she found a Big Fat Worm in her food

Luckily no restaurants were mentioned

or else everyone will stay away from it

How can the restaurant manager possibly respond? Worm contain High Protein?

8 ) Love Apology through Newspaper Ad

Obituary? Read again.

A couple of angry birds somehow got into a fight.

Then “Ms. Chan” tries to apologize

Apparently it did not work. (Probably the wife slept with another man…who knows?).

Then she got a Brilliant Idea

Next day she posted a love apology in the Newspaper ad to let the whole world know that she is sorry. Sad….

7) SOAS Knife Brawl

Okey the picture above is a bit exaggerating.

But the infamous knife Brawl in SOAS is not.

It left heavy injuries on the students in the school.

Police reported it was a case of classic counter bullying

The frustrated victim took a knife in school to avenge the shit out of the bullies

Moral of story: Do not bully……..the wrong student.

6) The Golden Churn’s Churn

The Butter that gave us the yummy biscuits and cakes in Raya turns out to have a Pig DNA inside!

Or at least that is what the Malaysian authorities said.

It was a moment to reckon. People were panicking and rumors were circulating of its “Halalness”

Amidst the serious controversies, retail stores kept selling them and cake makers still use them today.

Ironic? Tell that to the Malaysians.

5) The “Dirty” War!

If you think Serusop is a dirty place put your hands up!

If your like the other 5% who thinks otherwise, you have got to be the Trash Monster in Sesame Street.

In Serusop, Some business owners and developers is suing each other asses due to this.

Really? Why?

Cleaning garbage is good but who in the hell would want to pay the fees when your neighbor could do so? Trash Monster?

4) Operation ‘Group Usop’

An Infamous Indonesian Robbin Hood and His Followers terrorizes the nights in Belait

Coming from Lombok Timor, Kalimantan they were heavily armed with their gloves and “Parangs”

When the police found out reports of this Group activities, They held an operation called “Group Usop”

They tracked, captured and apprehended 7 of them in a single instant.

Good job police until………to be continued….patience

3)The Big Burst

The Big Burst happened in Jalan Jangsak, near Gadong.

It was one of the most epic moments ever!

Water shooting miles above the air caught everyone’s attention that day.

What made this happened? Is the water pressure too strong? or someone drilled into it ? or something?

Main thing is that traffic got jammed, people were pissed off and everyone passing by got a free car wash! yay!

2) The Mysterious Voodoo Doll

The mysterious Black Voodoo Doll was drenched with blood. Animal’s probably.

It has dozens of pins stuck into it. It was Bizzare.

Was placed somewhere in Bengkurung, on one of its traffic light.

Had a big debate amongst the public that someone might be doing this “satanic ritual” to serve a selfish cause.

Thank you for being patient, and now the number one strange news that made the headlines all across Burnei Darussalam for this year is………..none other than…………..

1) Malik Gerhana!!

Malik Gerhana

The infamous Malik Gerhana, leader of the Usop Gang, made it into our number one story this 2011.

He led the gang that got apprehended after the Operation  and escaped from the clutches of the Local Police a few days after.

It was a brawl of a lifetime as he fought and run for freedom. He managed to beat the crap out of our two policemen.

As a result, Roadblocks were set up, The Gurkha army were discharged in the streets and it was total PANIC everywhere!

Right now the authorities believed that he is somewhere in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Well at least he will not be causing any more trouble from this time around now.

So that was the Top Ten Strange News for Brunei Darussalam for 2011. 

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