Nostrils Production is a local independent film production aiming to take the local media industry to another level in every level. They produce short movies, music videos and commercials.

They are in a mission to convey their messages through their videos. It has huge appeal among the Youtube viewers mainly due to the high quality video.

So far they are the individuals behind have the NQB Crew, EpicTragedy and Carbon videos. Turns out that they are also the ones who produced UDI’s Comeback music.

The company consists of the trios Aznniel Yunus as the Director, Along Ilham as Videographer and Fikri Phe as productions manager.

Majority of the videos are released through Youtube and so far some has even over 1500 viewers.

Here are some recent releases of videos made by Nostrils Productions.

Tune in more and subscribe to their channel at Nostrils Productions and like their facebook fan page.

They are not the only one creating a scene in the media market in Brunei. Some PTEK Students are also in the industry making action packed short movie adventure. They Call themselves SHOWBIZZ ORIGINALS.

With the internet age coming, the creative industry is rising as we see now. The world is converging will you be part of the new age?

Abdul Malik Omar
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