The importance of civic education is beneficial it can be when it comes to producing highly engaged citizens in any society. As such, this research will look at your thoughts and ideas as to whether it would be a good idea or not to re-introduce Civic Education (formerly known as Sivik) into Brunei’s SPN21. Your participation in this survey would be most appreciated

Civic Education is defined as the “process through which young people develop the knowledge, skills, and commitments to interact effectively with fellow community members to address shared problems” (LEADE, 2019).

The top five benefits of Civic Education include
1) Strengthening and equipping our young people with the basic understanding of our structures of government, along with related processes of legislation and policymaking,
2) Enhancing “21st-century competencies” that are valued by colleges, universities, and employers,
3) Creating a positive school climate that supports students feeling social, emotionally and physically safe, as with general society once a student completes their studies,
4) Building up literacy skills to make reasoned decisions on critical issues affecting our country, and
5) finally, increasing volunteerism and work on community issues. (Source:

The entire result will be made available upon finishing this survey. The aggregate result will be published with an accompanying article in December at The AMO Times website. If there are any questions do contact me at You can access the survey here.

Your involvement is highly appreciated.

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