(Picture source: https://lifestylehearing.ca/about-hearing-healthcare/hearing-loss-overview/)

The rising numbers of gyms across the country are reflective of the need to cater to a growing healthy lifestyle among Bruneians. From Zumba to Spinning classes, from Martial Arts to Bootcamp lessons, these activities are helpful and should be encouraged in combatting the obesity epidemic plaguing our society.

However, there is a need for gym owners to reduce the high music and bass level they tend to play during workout sessions. The continuous loud music and bass level have an effect of causing Tinnitus (Ringing in the Ears), Sudden Deafness (SSHL), and, worst of all, permanent hearing loss to customers and gym instructors themselves.

If loud music is to be played, then at least, let the ‘bass level’ be reduced so it does not cause further damage to the ears. But then again loud music played continuously will also permanently damage the ears over time, so lowering the music to a good level would be best too.

That mentioned, not all gyms play loud music, but for the gym owners that do, then I hope they consider this suggestion, not only for the ears of their customers but their own. I hope this suggestion is heard and policy implemented by gym owners or potential gym owners across Brunei Darussalam.

Abdul Malik Omar