As we all know it, it is holiday season for high school and university students across Brunei and in the United Kingdom. From which we all can do at this moment is just to enjoy the splendour of life, and just let the time pass by. An awesome feeling considering that we no longer have to attend classes, listen to lecturers or do any homework etc. Instead we have this long hiatus from which we can spend it all out in hanging out with your pals, watch movies, go to holidays, attend barbecues, surf the internet, stay up late, ad infinitum.

Unfortunately all good things-holidays included-will eventually come to an end.

Thus this article shall centre around the suggestions on how students may put this free time into effective use before the inevitable moment comes. Because if I were in the O-Level and A-level result waiting period situation now, I would want to utilize it the best possible way in gaining work experience. But thanks to PlayStation 2 I lost that opportunity. What can I do? The games were as addictive as facebook then, and I kind of regretted it as I recalled back those moments. Those months, all gone.

Anyway here are top three tips on how students-especially to high school students-can spend one’s time effectively on this holiday.

1) Work
Gain the experience in dealing in an organization by working for one. Here you shall have the opportunity to develop your confidence in dealing with future employment, and gain a bit of pocket money. Not only will you gain the feeling of monetary “independence” from your parents, but you will gain that awesome feeling of getting your first ever pay check. Trust me, nothing will ever beat that feeling of receiving your very first pay check  Organizations from which you may choose to work for include DST, HSBC, Brunei Petroleum, Alliance De France and Bag Networks. I am pretty sure these organizations would be willing to invite students over, no?

2) Involve yourself in a Start-up
If you are more entrepreneurial, open up a business. Having set up a spaghetti booth in Yayasan, and failing spectacularly afterwards, I would tell you that this road takes a lot of guts, patience and risk. But it is a road worth taking if you want to gain massive business experience. Sure I was criticized by my failures from both friends and family, but it taught me the ways on how to develop a market, sell an idea, put on my “muka tembok” face, and finally develop the spiritual metal needed to steer an enterprise  Without the experience I would not be able to develop the ventures I am currently involved in. But it is a dangerous road, especially if you are conservative in your finances.

3) Drink Good Books
Enrich your mind by drinking good books(Not literally of course!) From here one can enrich one’s vocabulary, expand the mind and enable oneself to influence others to join in one’s cause. For instance Mark Zuckerberg’s Classics(sort of English literature) background. Here he was able to utilize his English, derived from the books he read, to command his peers towards developing his billion dollar empire, Facebook. Without adequate communication skills, he wouldn’t be able to attract the brightest people to work in the company, or let alone be able to gain funding from his first ever investor.

In summing up, please do utilize this holiday time into doing effective things, because we can never repeat the time ever again. So do consider one of the three suggestions: in working for an organization, creating a start-up or drinking good books. From here one may develop oneself to prepare for the future. 2035 here we go.