This episode of The AMO Times deals with the VOTING for which cartoon character YOU think deserve to be the THE BEST BRUNEI CARTOON CHARACTER OF ALL TIME!.

Cartoons of the likes of Pikachu, Mickey Mouse, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Bugs Bunny has made into the list, for they have definitely made a huge impact in our lives.

We love to watch them in Cartoon Network, Disney and in CDs in our spare time.
And when we were young, our spare time is every time! It was bliss!

Which cartoon deserve get the Title? You Vote(Below)

Bugs Bunny
Mickey Mouse

These Cartoons has given us the best laughter, horrors and pure sheer entertainment in our youths.

Thus these cartoons are forever cherished in our life time.

So as an Ultimate Tribute and the Ultimate Contest, Let us decide who shall be BRUNEI’S BEST CARTOON CHARACTER OF ALL TIME.

Voting closes at 14th December 2011

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times

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