A-level and O-Level results have just been released out now in Brunei Darussalam. Maktab Duli has posted it into the wall with streams of students going over the school broad pouring in record breaking numbers. Maktab Sains, PTEK, PTEM will release the A-Levels results while St George, PGGMB, St Andrews, STIPRI, SOAS and rest for O-Level Tomorrow.

Results were given top priority on those who registered for the SMS. Though it costs money it still is quite effective in reducing the anxiety and getting it over with as soon as possible. After the hardships faced by students they now got a look back at what their score is. 

As it will be expected there will be a huge turn out in colleges and schools. Traffic will be heavy especially on the Bandar areas. So as suggestions, students and parents are required to come to school early in the morning to avoid huge traffic jams both in the road as well as on the way going to see the result. There will be a lot of students clamoring and fighting their way to see the results.

This time the O’Level was a bit easy to score while A’Level is a bit more of the opposite.