Bruneian students all over UK are met with the white snow outside as they wake up this morning. Everything was covered in snow and it was a very magical moment for Bruneian students. It started yesterday when there was a mild wintery shower that eventually turns into heavy downpour. Now most of UK is engulfed by the snow.

“I find it very thrilling to see the snow for the first time. It was a really great experience to actually do the stuff you only got to see on TV, like creating a snowman, playing snowball fights and snow angels. What made it more exciting was to have awesome people to share the moment with, BruSX!” Matul Rossale a former Maktab Sains student now taking her degree in Essex University said about the experience.

“It’d be more awesome if our families in Brunei were here too!” She continued.

Tamiimah Jefri, an A-level student from Headington Girl’s school said “Honestly, it was really unexpected. I was at the football pitch in coventry to support my brothers play football, and the weather seemed to just get extremely cold with no hints of any snow falling. It was just amazing how it snowed heavily.. just like that.. And continuing even till night time!”

Hans Hs from University of Nottingham said “I guess its gonna be the same as what every first years would say. For most of us experiencing snow in person for the first time in our life was simply something amazing. We went crazy over the first day of snow and believe it or not we actually played non stop till midnight. Obviously its a big change of experience from what we were used to in Brunei. Having to deal with the cold but once you get used to it, it is really fun.”

For another Bruneian Sheffiled student who was a JIS Student before this, Dorren Naia stated that “On the very day the snow arrived Sheffield we all ran outside, had a snow fight (until our body ache) and made the most handsome snowman ever”.

Adri Jefri from University of Glamorgan stated it clearly “Pontypridd, Wales Saturday 4th of February 2012. Snow started falling with small flakes at about 10 in the morning. Then it got heavier from mid-day till about 4 p.m. Pontypridd is a mountainous area so it is heavily covered with snow. Roads & sidewalks were slippery. Cars had difficulty going up hills. Temperature was surprisingly not bad, it was not as cold before snow came down and the wind was calm. Although visibility was reduced immensely. Next day snow stopped and snow turn to ice then eventually melted to water. ” He is taking Studying Mechatronics Engineering.

Meanwhile in Germany Wardah Wahid a former Maktab Duli Student said “I guess we were lucky enough to experience snow since we’re living in Karlsruhe (Germany’s warmest region). Nevertheless, we enjoyed our times and it was incredibly awesome.”

To those who have yet to experience it find themselves like a curious child. To take this opportunity to make snowman, play snowball and snow angels on the ground. So its a very magical moment for Brunei students in the UK.

As they say you work hard you play hard.

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