Without Datu Digadong and Datu Kallam’s revolution in 1899, Tutong and Belait would have been Sarawak’s by now. They are our National Hero who defied against the ongoing conquer and divide campaign by the British imperialist.The Imperialists who reduced Brunei’s superpower into a mere small country.

At this time it was during Sultan Hasim’s reign. The imperialist kept hitting and bullying the nation. He tried to stop Charles Brooke & BNBC from getting more lands from Brunei. In 1887, Sultan Hashim appealed by letter to the British Crown to prevent either partition or any further losses of Brunei territory. It just fell off in deaf ears. We were hopeless. We were pushed into the corner. We were powerless.

After stealing Sarawak and Sabah from us, it was still not enough for them. Greed overtook their minds. They want to swallow our whole nation. Around 1897, the remaining territories were confiscated from our arms. Limbang was taken. Tutong was taken. Belait was taken. They have been sucked into the Sarawak and Sabah Colonial Control. Its only a matter of time that Brunei would share the same fate.

During that time the Imperialist imposed heavy taxes upon our people to keep us financially squeezed to death. Those who defied would be sentenced into prison by the Imperialist. Fear was in the air and hope was on the ground.

Then in one momentous day,a few nationalists had had enough. Datu Digadong and Datu Kallam rose up! They rallied up a force. A force that has changed Brunei’s history forever. Then they revolted against the Imperialist control over Tutong and Belait. They simply could not accept this disgrace and humiliation anymore.

The Bruneian people fought with bravery and honor to reclaim back the conquered land. Datu Digadong and Datu Kallam know of the consequences of the revolt. For their decision would meant death to them and their families. But they knew that the sacrifices had to be made. They knew in their mighty hearts that it was worth it to reclaim back our stolen lands.

When it broke out, It was panic. People were killed everywhere. Then the imperialists caved in. They were afraid. Afraid that the world will be inspired by our Bruneian Revolution. For it certainly attracted the attention of Islamic Nations such as the Ottoman Empire. So finally they stopped. They retreated and gave back Tutong and Belait back to Brunei Darussalam!

Brunei has achieved Victory over the conquerors! Charles Brooke and BNBC were defeated in disgrace!

Let us all remember the sacrifices made by our past leaders. Leaders such as Dato Digadong and Dato Kallam who have effectively shaped Brunei Darussalam today. It would not require a huge imagination that if Belait and Tutong were Sarawak’s, SHELL Oil would not have existed now.SHELL Oil which helped us most to get ahead in the world. Worst case scenario is that Brunei would have been just another Malaysian State.

All youths and the Bruneian people, let us all remember Dato Digadong and Dato Kallam. For their bravery and unabated desire to create Brunei as a sovereign nation, which we all now know today exist partly due to their courageous effort. Long live their names!

To give tribute to our leaders we shall honor their brave spirit through taking an arms. Taking an arms to create a Greater Brunei Darussalam by 2035. Let them be our inspiration to move forward. This time not through conquests of lands by through a massive build up in our economical, political and technological progress. The Greater Brunei Darussalam awaits, His Majesty is leading in front, let us follow him and soon enough we will be Great Again.

A very special Thanks to National Development Party of Brunei for the amazing information. 

Abdul Malik Omar
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