The Journey of Putri Norizah

Putri Norizah is considered one of the most popular artists in Brunei’s Music Industry Today.

Her music and voice proved to be ones that most Bruneians can easily relate with.

Yet behind all that her past seemed a bit hazy to most people, so The AMO Times decided to bring a light into it for you guys out there.

Through this we can take you into her journey from the past up until now and a glimpse of afterwards.

To showcases how inspired talent mixed with total dedication can bring about success in the music business.

Let us begin,

Putri Norizah was born on 14th January 1991 in KL, Malaysia and was raised up in Brunei Darussalam.

She is basically Half Bruneian and Half Malaysian.

The inspiration to sing came from her parents who are veterans in the music industry.

Her father, Ibnor Riza Haji Ibrahim is an active Malaysian Singer whilst her mother Norhayati Haji Mohamad Nor was a well known local singer back in the 80’s.

She started singing publicly aged 7 years old and surprisingly won many singing competitions and tourneys held in her schools.

It was when she was 12 that she got a bit more focused when auditioned by the famous composer; artist Hans Anuar. Her song at that time was “Jambangan Kasih”(Composer Ross Ariffin) under Hans’s record label PhuturePhase.

From then on here her real journey began.

She worked with the utmost total dedication in producing real quality music.

In 2004, “Sebarkan Ke Seantero Dunia” was out. It met with huge publicity among the Bruneians.

It made her stood out from the crowd. 

Bruneians, Malaysians and some Indonesians immediately took notice.

The scene followed in the historic village water of Kampong Ayer in the heart of the capital city showcasing the traditional games played by the children.

Through this she catapulted her way through the national music stream and continued to released more hits.

It proved to be popular.

Most of her songs attained the TOP Chart sopts in Brunei’s Radio Stations.

Pelangi FM, Kristal FM & Nasional FM all alike. You name it. Top Spot. Yes.

Finally in 30 November 2008 her album PUTRI NORIZAH was officially launched consisting 14 of her best tracks.

It was a extremely successful.

The song “24 Hours” featuring Hans Anuar reached on One of the Top 40 in US/UK Chart for English Songs (ranked 19) in 2009 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The same year RBA, the national airline featured her songs in onbraod through its Sky Show Channel.

Foreigners got a chance to hear the music of Brunei Darussalam. Its traditional

She is active in promoting Bruneian music in the regional scenes through competitions.

One prime example would be the Radio Television Brunei’s Memorandum of Understanding & Cultural Exchange programmes singing competition.

Her colorful personality and assertive determination in giving the public what they want made her a preferable choice by the some invites from other countries.


Well for example in 2011 Putri Norizah Putri Norizah won “Miss Asean Television Charm 2011” in Vietnam.

She was up against the other 10 Asean countries and she flat out won it. She was #1.

Another reason is that she is a very good singer who truly represents a harmony of music to the ears listeners locally and regionally.

Puteri Norizah said in a brief conversation to The AMO Times saying that the industry holds a special meaning to her.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life. ….I’ve always wanted to share and expose my talent. Its something I love” she said.

Right now her journey continues in promoting the local music industry up to a whole new level.

She graduated with a diploma at Laksamana College of Business in 23rd Ag 2010.

You can catch more updates here and follow her twitter to.

Abdul Malik Omar
The AMO Times
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