ABOUT 190 female students from Maktab Sains received their first dose of HPV vaccination yesterday at the as a preventive step against cervical cancer. In the programme it was led by Hjh Siti Mariam Hj Mohd Jaafar, Depty Permanent Secretary at MoH.

Cervical cancer is the most common symptoms of cervical cancer. Treatment usually consists of surgery in early stages, and chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy in more advanced stages of the disease. All women are at risk for cervical cancer. It occurs most often in women over age 30.

According to Director of Health Services Dr Hjh Maslina Hj Mohsin, the aim of the programme is to prevent cervical cancer related problems in the future.

We should be so grateful for His Majesty’s government. Each shot costs about $200. In this case its free. So far 5000 injections have been given since last November. That is $1,000,00 in total cost given for free to teh Bruneian Society to prevent the disease!

One of the students who got the first dose of the vaccination yesterday, 14-year-old Vanessa Sirup, said that “It is very beneficial (for MoH to offer the vaccination programme) because some people do not have the transport to go to the vaccination centre or the time. It is better for them (MoH) to come to us,”.

Hazel Lim Sheau Shiuan, 15, Year 10 student said that with the vaccination, it was a case of prevention is better than cure. She also appreciates Health Ministry’s efforts in offering the vaccination for free, which otherwise would cost $200 for non-citizens or non-permanent resident female students.

The shots will be given in 3 different stages. The 2nd shot will be given one month after the first dose and the third dose six months after the first dose.

Abdul Malik Omar
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