My name is Malik (you may call me ‘August’). I am an advocate for entrepreneurship in Brunei Darussalam. I have been promoting the cause since 2011 through my society, Brunei Enterprise. Persistent continual advocacy of entrepreneurship over the span of six years through a combination of talks, forums, and initiatives with other key partners in the country has now made entrepreneurship the byword for development.

The success culminated with His Majesty’s the Sultan of Brunei delivering an edict in 2016 to promote entrepreneurship across the nation. In the very same year, I was nominated for the prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award.

In 2015/16, I completed my MSc in the LSE under the competitive government scholarship. During my one year Master’s tenure, I have spoken at Cambridge University, elected as the Student Head of Brunei Hall Students’ Committee, selected as the royal entourage to H.E. Prince Abdul Wakeel during the Sultan of Brunei’s visit to the UK, and helped the LSE SU ASEAN Society win ‘LSE Best New Society Award’.

I was also selected as the national delegate to represent Brunei at the Commonwealth launching of the Youths Initiative in 2016 and, recently, at the Commonwealth Youth Summit 2017 in KL. I was also Brunei’s representative for the Global Entrepreneurship Congress held in Medellin, Colombia. I also became a key member to manage and deliver the yearly LSE Local Economic Development Forum.

Prior to my Master’s, I read BSc in International Enterprise & Business Development at the University of Essex. My undergraduate experience was, needless to say, definitive in shaping my outlook and character into being a more inclusive, open, and globally-oriented individual.

I also write in my spare time for Borneo Bulletin, Brunei’s largest English-language newspaper, and my blog on various topics, such as education, economic development, and youth empowerment (more on publications). Finally, it is my aspiration to inspire the younger generation of Brunei Darussalam to build themselves up as successful individuals someday who can contribute towards the realisation of Brunei’s Vision 2035 and the BSB Development Masterplan. I also introduced and co-manage TEDx in Brunei.

I love to connect with people who are interested in economic development, human rights, inclusive governance, civil society, general education, smart cities, and more. You may contact me through my email at or my Whatsapp at +673-8605118. We could meet for coffee or Skype! am open to deliver talks in schools, universities, and public conferences on the fields of my specialisation or on areas of success, motivation, and inspirational leadership.

Please visit my website at