Rebrand the Term ‘Youth’

The word “youth” has been used to describe people between 18 and 40 in the country. However, the term has become stale.

People grow into adulthood and have children, while the unemployed continue to struggle to make a living. Branding these individuals as “youth” is akin to treating these people as children.

In the meantime, those who champion the “youth” brand needs to ask themselves: “Am I still young?” Most of them are not, and frankly it is inappropriate to use the word to describe themselves as well as their colleagues. Most importantly, “youth” carries the connotation that the person doesn’t have the maturity and experience to be taken seriously.

In my opinion, the word should only be applied to those between 15 and 21. There are no international standards when it comes to categorising the population; but extending it to 40 is just overstretching it.

I think it’s time for the authorities and leaders of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to refine the term. Even better, do away with the word and simply call them “citizens”. It is the most respectable way to describe the mature populace.

Youth No More

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