Stray dogs are causing a public nuisance in Kampong Kiarong with the dogs threatening and barking at innocent passersby in the night. Specifically, the Kiarong Complex to the Simpang 1 area has been rife with the presence of these stray dogs.

I hope the government take action on the matter by relocating these animals elsewhere and to start creating appropriate policies to deal with these strays nation-wide. In other countries, these dogs would have been put into a state-funded animal shelter for a specific period, and if no one adopts them, they are then put down through euthanasia.

As heartless as euthanasia may seem, it is the most humane thing to do rather than to see these poor creatures suffer all their lives on the street. Putting them down will also eliminate the chances of people being threatened, bitten or/and infected by life-threatening rabies disease.

We must also note the root causes of strays are canine overpopulation, and overpopulation arises when there is uncontrolled breeding of dogs by irresponsible pet owners who refuse to Spay/Neuter their pets. These people would end up throwing these pets away in city centres, thus leading to the worsening of the stray issues.

I hope the government will take action on the dogs in Kampong Kiarong, but more hopefully start to create a comprehensive policy once and for all to deal with the stray dogs (and cats) nationwide.

Finally, I implore pet owners to be responsible by spaying/neutering their pets. It is the right thing to do.