Have your say!

This is an independent study carried out by The AMO Times on the perception of the public of Brunei LegCo and Government Ministries. A short blog will be posted on this study once the LegCo 2020 session is done.

The survey will roughly take less than 5 minutes or more, depending how long you answer the survey. The responses will be available for viewing upon survey completion.

As this is the first survey of its kind ever made, this information *may possibly* be used by the state to improve future LegCo. I will personally share this information to policy-makers and parliamentarians I know of.

Your identity will remain anonymous. We also hope to get at least 300 responses by 15th March 2020, so please share the info to your friends and family!

Your opinion matter so HAVE YOUR SAY! Please be civil, however (!)

Any questions or feedback regarding the survey? Please do not hesitate to contact me (Abdul Malik Omar) through am.hajiomar@gmail.com.

The online survey is accessible here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfYsjgylQ8LVirhJ2mDbsCk7r1dOV-7UFJQFhWBBcEBYJNA8Q/viewform