Recently, an opinion letter was published in the Borneo Bulletin highlighting the plight of tourists regarding the lack of public transportation in Brunei.

Here is the content:

“I was driving in the vicinity of Pekan Muara recently where I saw a huge tourist vessel docking at the Muara Harbour in the far distance.

I could see some tourists walking towards the town which was far away, while others were negotiating with private vehicle owners for transportation fares.

I even saw a woman running towards the bus parking lot to try and catch a public bus but was visibly confused with how the public bus system works here.

Can the authorities look into the matter of transportation for tourists at Muara Harbour?

Perhaps the MPKs and MPMs can be involved to provide transportation as part of their ‘One Village, One Product’ in the future?

Datuk Rahmat HAR”

In response, Roman Zytek, currently an Economic Advisor to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, posted several solutions to the problem on Linkedin. I highly recommend everyone to read this work:

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