Photo courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

About two weeks or so ago, I walked around Gadong and stumbled across a burst pipe. The water leakage was so heavy that dirt may have easily entered the water system, causing the tap water to go brown around Gadong. Without any credit to my phone, I walked and approached a security guard nearby to highlight the issue. I even asked him to call TD123. He did, and several days later, the pipe was repaired thanks to the government. Suddenly, the tap water around the area was no longer brown.

It is from this story that I like to highlight the importance of Whole-of-Nation. The involvement of the public sector, private sector and the people should be continually pressed upon as agents of positive and constructive change. Much like how the security guard (private sector), TD123 (public sector), and myself (a simple citizen) were involved in solving the issue of the burst pipe, each with our own ways, so too we should all come together as nation and as a people to address other pressing issues, such as unemployment.

Finally, we should never underestimate the small changes we can make. As the saying goes, take care of the small things, the big things will take care of themselves.