Study Skills and Motivation Book Now Out in Brunei – (The Art of Learning 2019)

Announcing my first book, The Art of Learning, now available in bookstores in Brunei!

Do get it and support the local writing scenery! Here are the details of the book:

“From C- student to high-school valedictorian and winning two MOE scholarships to pursue his Degree and Master’s in the U.K., Abdul Malik Omar will share you twelve ways on how you can succeed in your exams.

Aimed at PSR, SPE, O-levels and A-levels students in Brunei, some of the concepts laid out in this book are also applicable for tertiary, vocational, and polytechnic students. He will also give you ten tips on how to win the MOE scholarship. 

In this book you will learn how to:

★ Set effective goals which will motivate you to score higher grades
★ Build a study environment that can boost your concentration and productivity
Write A-star timed essays
★ Use mind tools that will help you remember and recall more information quickly
★ Prepare yourself for the MOE Scholarship Interviews and Tests
★ Unleash the leader in you
★ and many more!

The Art of Learning: 12 Skills to Score Your PSR, SPE, O-Level, and A-Level Exams in Brunei. Published by Stamford and Hertfordshire Publishing H.K. Ltd – All rights reserved.

You can purchase it at Best Eastern, Nolly Books and in!

Visit the site for more information.

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