Brunei Enterprise held its general meeting last Saturday to discuss issues concerning on how to promote effective business laws and entrepreneurship policies in Brunei Darussalam. Some of the points laid out in the agenda consisted of the need for the members to strengthen group solidarity in its quest to achieve its goals of promoting entrepreneurship in the country in line with His Majesty’s Wawasan 2035.

“It is incumbent for us to build a unified, cooperative unit in seeking to aspire towards our commitment in achieving our goals. For I believe we achieve more together than we could have otherwise done individually in pursuing this long, arduous, but worthy journey of promoting the entrepreneurial cause in Brunei Darussalam.” said the President Abdul Malik Omar in an interview.

In addition, the group has also discussed ideas derived from Business is Great campaign which could be implemented in Brunei. The Business is Great campaign is a programme under the Britain is Great campaign initiated under the Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government led by PM David Cameron back in 2010 which consisted of policies geared towards building a pro-business and pro-entrepreneurship direction in the United Kingdom.

Since enacting the campaign in 2010, the UK government has produced over 760,000 new small-and-medium sized enterprises (up from 5.2 million), saved over £10 billion in cost rendered by red tape and bureaucratic processes, revised 2000 business laws in UK so they work for businesses, grew the UK private sector base by 40% growth rate through the establishment of the British Business Bank, accelerated the nation back into economic recovery after the 2008 market crash, and enabled UK to become the 5th largest economy in the world, as measured by nominal GDP.

Nadzuan Narawi, a former scholar who studied in Nottingham, commented on the idea for Brunei to consider establishing an organisation to facilitate internship unit at the national level. “The internship unit should cater towards facilitating new graduates or students who are currently having their holidays to gain working experience with companies within or outside Brunei.

“The organisation would then serve to promote internship schemes in the country and acts as a connecting point between students and companies. In that way the students would make the most out of their post-graduate days or holidays on on hand, and companies would gain a higher chance of recruiting better workers on the other,” he continued.

He mentioned the ideas above after learning about UK’s successful implementation of Apprenticeship policy (much like Internships) under the Business is Great campaign which saw over 2.1 million young people took part and eventually reaped Britain a drastic increase in youths employability rate as well as labor productivity. “It is something which we must consider as well for our case in Brunei,” added the scholar.

Present in the general meeting were Fadli M Zaini, winner of University of Essex’s International Student Awards and Amir Keyrain, a student in Laksamana Business School.

To know more about Brunei Enterprise or those wishing to join the group, do ‘like’ their page and contact them at brunei.enterprise@gmail.com.

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