HERO of the Day

A local man, who seemed to be in his 30s, became the hero of the day when he saved a cat that almost drown in the waters of Kampong Ayer. The skinny, tiger-colored cat was pictured hanging on the house’s wooden foundation right before the man in black clambered down to rescue it. The picture was uploaded first by a popular fanpage called Fantastic Brunei Issue in the last 24 hours and has since gained over 695 likes. Many congratulated his valor for helping the kitten.

SPECULATION: Was the Cat deliberately thrown into the Water?

Such was the case as commented by facebook user, Shah De Souza who stated how he saw firsthand an old citizen throwing a kitten into the water days ago. He commented “I saw first-hand an old man who threw a kitten into the Kampong Ayer river. I was anguished by the incident. I wanted to voice out but was afraid to make a scene.” This incident could not be surprising to those animal lovers in Brunei who are well-aware of the atrocities committed against animals elsewhere.


CRUELTY, Continues.

On the same day the above picture was uploaded, a person by the name Aswana Pg Ahmad adverted in a local facebook group called “Please Adopt. Don’t let them Stray(Join the the group)” to help adopt a recently abandoned kitten family. Found on a ditch, there were eight little kittens bundled to each other located just outside a restaurant in Anggerek Desa, Bandar Seri Begawan. “If people throw cats off the streets then why would the people in Kampong Ayer not throw cats into the river.” as noted by some people, furthering the speculation.


BUTCHERING Kittens on the Highway

Additionally, a person voiced up upon seeing a cat that got run over in Belait (KB) highway. He stated “(sic) I wondered about a cat that just got run over on the Belait Highway, you know the one near the housing scheme(BEDB). How did cats suddenly appear there? Won’t it be possible if there could be some people who ditch it on the highway in the first place? (sic).” right before he hashtagged #tolonglahberperikemanusiaansikit (or #pleasehavesomehumanity in English).

Those commented in his status noted how they accidentally killed some as well. “I’ve experienced it three times where cats would sometimes got sucked into the engine and got shred into pieces” as an anonymous person said. There is nothing they can do about it considering the kittens straying around on a busy highway or sleeping on the car tires. Overall they implied that whomever is responsible for this, including themselves, should take note.


IS ANIMAL CRUELTY ever justifiable in Brunei?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Is it right for people to ditch cats on a busy highway or throw kittens into the river?

Or should you give those animal ditchers and killers this reaction instead?


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