April, 15th, 2014

Local students in the UK got a chance to present their ideas in Google Campus London in the first ever Bruneian-held Entrepreneurship UnConference in the United Kingdom last Sunday. The half-day event organised by Brunei Enterprise showcased 15-minute presentations from students ranging from University of Oxford to Imperial Business School, and from University of Essex to University of Brunei Darussalam (via Google Hangout).

In an intro statement made by its President, Abdul Malik Omar (the writer) stated how the students are key towards Brunei’s future economic growth.

“By having us attend this event today will in itself shape how we can contribute to the economy. We may be young and may not be able to change the world but if this event can at least shape a 1% change in the mind-set in society, or at least those in the attendance in building up Brunei 2035 and beyond then it is enough.” Abdul Malik said.

Topics addressed include “Transportation Intelligence System” from Khong Yu Neng of Oxford University, a financial start-up idea called the “Dragon” by Izam Ryan of Imperial Business School, “Green Urban Development and Youth Planning” by Hanna Hassanal of UBD, a motivational talk entitled “UK Entrepreneurship” by student entrepreneur and founder of GOTB.TV Dubem Menakaya, “Be the key to a productive economy” by Hafizuddin Hassan, and “Pulau Muara Besar (PMB) and Market Economics: How Brunei can attain socio-economic prosperity and stability by learning from the Dubai Economic Miracle” by Abdul Malik Omar of University of Essex.

Gracing the event is Radin Abdullah Basiuni, the President of Brunei Students’ Union and Law undergraduate at Reading University. Students from University of Bath, Keele, and Surrey also attended the event namely Harris Karim, Anas Nawawi, and Nuur Hzs respectively.

Fadli M Zaini, the V.P. of Brunei Enterprise(a PTEM alumni and President of Brunei Essex Society) delivered the closing remark.

Brunei Enterprise is an NGO established in December 2013 and an affiliate of BSUnion that aims to elevate entrepreneurship to the Bruneian community in the UK and Eire. Run by the students for the students, it has since established strategic contacts with BEDB, E@C, MOE, NACUE, Virgin Media Pioneers, and British High Commissioner. Those interested in knowing more about or taking part in the society please do register here(registration form) and/or ‘like’ its Facebook fan page.

Picture Credits to Anas Nawawi, Fadli M Zaini, and Izam Ryan.