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A contingency led and managed by Prismworks Sdn Bhd has recently made a mark across the whole artistic sphere, both local and abroad, by bagging fourteen medals  at the World Championship of Performing Arts.

The event is the only international talent competition held annually in Los Angeles. It could be akin to that of the Olympics but in the performance arts industry, and Brunei nevertheless shone brightly.

The delegation was represented by singers Fakhrul Razi, Maria Grace Koh, and actor Kevin Lo in the Vocals, Instrumentals and Acting categories, and competed against contestants from forty countries around the world for the title of “Grand Champion Performer of the World”.

Having sat down with the person behind the initiative and Prismworks’s director Jaycee Cadayong, he shared his story leading up to the event. He saw the potential in locals to go forward in this particular industry.

But in order to test their skills, he said, one does not contend within the local or regional competition, but to go all the way to the top. And WCOPA, the annual competition in Los Angeles, Hollywood became a fitting ground to test the idea.

Shortly after he applied for a license to become a national director of WCOPA for Brunei. It took many months of back-and-forth dealings before Prismworks finally got it.

On the initial challenges lie on getting sponsors and strategic partners from both government and private companies, constant training for the participants and for once a risk for them to self-fund for the journey, one that could easily fetch up to four thousand US dollar per delegate.

In the end they attained that necessary support, and the rest as they say is in the history books.

In preparation for the competition the team was trained by vocal coach Marietta Shannen Tsen and acting coach Rachel Malai Ali and Rachel Talbot. The musical arrangement for the singers was also done by AkMuhd Syarif Pg Hj Baharuddin.

Prismworks Sdn Bhd is the licensed National Director of WCOPA in Brunei Darussalam. For more enquiries on how to be a partner, sponsor or contestant for WCOPA 2014, email info@prismworksbrunei.com. Zatty Joanda

Picture courtesy of Prismworks and another source readers may be interested in is from Brunei Times.