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Admit it, the allowance you get from your government/bank loan is not enough. BND$1000 per month is very small compared to £1500 attained by some of the lowest paid social worker here. After you minus from your other expenses i.e. rent, food, fuel(if you drive yourself), mobile credit, internet broadband and utensils you can get at the very least BND$200 in savings.

Since we cannot change the amounts they can give, this article will show you seven ideas on how to generating cash yourself during your studies. So as to help you gain more money to increase in your savings, and buy the things you always wanted to have using your hard earned cash.

Lets begin.

1) Work part-time

Work part-time and you will get at least the fair minimum wage of £40 a week. Options include as being a waiter in a local restaurant, or an administrator/financial assistant in your students union. The very best thing about it: Nothing beats the feeling that you make your own money. Discount what others may tell you that you need to focus on studies or whatever-the pressure will only apply on your final year. So long as you have good time management, why not?

2) Make a Gig in
Here you can offer any services you can ever think off to almost anyone out there for USD$5. The “gig” as they call it will require you to think creatively on attracting the customers to buy from you. It is best your gig to be simple yet interesting such as singing, making a video testimonials(I’ve done this numerous times), dancing, drawing, and giving relationship advise. Since the money is small its better to make the activities simple and short, just to make sure you don’t burn out-as I did.

3) Freelance through
It is an open source global online service community where you offer your services there-like in a specialized role at an extended period of time i.e. freelancing your accountancy skills to start-ups for £30 a week. The level of wage you command will be proportional to the quality and quantity of service you render. Have never tried this before, only outsourced a lady in Philippines to do my venture’s financial statement.

4) Join Gym-Pacts
An idea submitted by a friend of mine, Fadhil Ali where you can make money while you work out, stay healthy, and get fit. Where you put money into the account, and set a financial and training goal. If you achieve your goal say running 1 kilometers last week, you get a USD$5 reward. If you do not exercise you will have to pay that money to someone else who do!


5) Make dissertations/essay for students
Since most students are lazy they would almost consider “outsourcing” their heaviest workload, the dissertation/essay, to individuals who have that can do entrepreneurial spirit and those who likes to write. Charge them £50-£100 they would certainly be willing to pay for the service. A Thai student from my university paid £150 for the service to one of his seniors. Lucky man!!!

6) Help Granpas and Grannys
If you are interested in social work you may love this(or maybe not =.=). Advertise your service to clean old people’s houses for $5.50-£8.00/hour. They need young energetic people who can make sure their house is tidy, clothes washed, cook their food, windows shined, and toilet bleached while they relax. I mean come on they are old, they demand this(and here is where you can supply it).

7) Start up a Start-up!
If you have a business money-making idea, well pursue it. It is so simple and yet many people shun from it. Probably the fear of losing money or “losing face” triumphs over the potential gains. Well that is the beauty. The more you fail the more you succeed. Because then you know what mistakes you need to avoid in the future, and do better for your next idea. Gains? As much as your idea is worth in the marketplace.



8) Contribute to the AMO Times(no money involved)
Write for this site and it will make you stand out in job prospects. Helping you to increase your chances to succeed for your interview with potential employers one day. You will also get certificates of contribution. There is no money involved here but the ROI is going to be extremely high. I promise you. So if you wish to contribute, email at

Main idea for this article is as suggested by Fadhil Ali of Indiana University, USA.

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