Budgeting Lifehack

Many would agree that budgeting is one of the biggest problem students, entrepreneurs or even working men have to face.

To acquire the skill it would take somewhere 3 to 5 months just to create the perfect system from scratch. By then many mistakes would have been rendered; money depleted, receipts gone, and excel documents all messed up.

So this is my budgeting system worth £70.00 all for Free. Something which I hope you can emulate and modify upon.

First, go to AMO Spreadsheet, here you’ll see the accounts system I have set into place.//

Secondly, copy and paste it into a new Google document spreadsheet(You have to create your own via Google Docs) As you would notice the table range would expand, but no worries. So long as there is the formula then it is okay. You may fix the box sizes easily, and the formulas not really.

Thirdly, input all you data and recent purchases to the fields as given. It would automatically calculate them for you. The revenues, expenses, final balance etc. Remember the input of transactions should be done daily.

Finally, if this accounting software I made really helped you then please share it to someone who might need it.

Remember the data input should be done in a daily basis. Keep referring it back and input all the transactions made. For instance after you have gone home after buying some clothes for £30.00, then you would have to put £30.00 on the clothing category, El Vis A Vis.

One more thing, if you are eager to learn more about personal finance then have a read on the book “Richest Man In Babylon” below at Amazon.co.uk.

Have a read at the reviews and you would be surprised on how it has shaped countless lives in financial planning. It certainly shaped my financial outlook. Without it book I would never be as prudent in my managing my capital now. Do purchase it, read it, and the value you would acquire will be tremendous. If you chose not to you can always refund your money back.

Article Idea by Marin Agus Din of York University, UK.