The AMO Times is a media startup that serves as a platform to introduce the global audience on what makes Brunei, well, Brunei. It started out when I sensed the local Media not broadcasting much about the Bruneian Youths-probably due to corporate advertising reasons-so there I was filling in that gap right there by establishing this site for the youths. This was roughly a year ago, November 2011 to be specific, and it has since developed into this sort of “global platform”.

I assert myself on that note considering that most of the hits comes from abroad, and not just in Brunei Darussalam in itself. Giving me a view on what kind of influence that my team and I can make to the audience out there. It certainly gives us the opportunity to scale fast and broadcast not only our youths but what makes us Bruneians unique. Anyway the larger reason I set The AMO Times is because being idle isn’t my cup of tea. You may read my story here.

On another note, this startup does not posses the resources which some companies such as Brunei Times has-we are only operated by three undergraduates-but with over 200,ooo views in a year, we are humbled for being able to introduce Brunei Darussalam to the worldwide audience out there. Certainly in the years to come, my team and I would continually develop this media organization to its very core in serving the Bruneians out there. Oh well…at least through this venture, a change can happen.

The vision of this venture, by the ways, extends further than just a website filled with articles, it’s more like setting up a company which really would help Brunei to attain global popularity. So no longer will foreigners go “What? Where’s Brunei? What?” when asked on where our country is. They would instead know where it is and be raving on their friends on how they should put Brunei in their “must visit before I have kids” list or something like that.

One more thing, don’t forget to check out The AMO TV!