The AMO Times is a unique pathway to reach out to the Bruneian youth audience at an affordable price.

Since its inception in 2011, it has successfully garnered over 200,000 impressions. Thus cementing its position as the market leader among the youth media industry.

The audience varies from secondary school students to college students, and from technical college students to university students.

Maktab Sains, PTEK, PTEM, Maktab Duli, UBD, ITB, Saydinna Hassan and the likes are all part of the core audience base.

This includes those who are continuing their higher level education in United Kingdom and United States, who would become middle and upper income earners.

That is roughly over 20,000 potential impressions of your product to the youths alone.

With Brunei Darussalam having a broad youth based demographics, it is simply an opportunity not to be missed for any growing company whose looking to win over the general market in the long-term.

If interested, simply fill out the details below so the team can help answer any of your questions.

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