BruSheff (Brunei-Sheffield) Concludes Societal Amazing Race

Picture courtesy from Akid Hj M


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brunei Sheffield Society or BruSheff concludes its Amazing Race event last Saturday. The whole event was organized by 12 of its the key committees, and assisted by 20 of its most fervent members.

Held in Sheffield, the event involves them going through 10 different checkpoints on the main city centers and notable landmarks namely Ponderosa, Muslim Welfare House, Information Commons, Students Union, St. George Church, Crucible Theatre, Winter Gardens, Orchard Square, Train Station and Sheffield Hallam University.

Some of the task the students have to face along the way are quizzes about Sheffield, naming the monarchs, singing the national anthem, religious quiz and finding one member wearing an Afro wig within the City Centre.

There were 10 teams of 3, with one senior and 2 fresher allocated in each group.

Amin N, a member of the society commented that it was the first large scale Amazing Race BruSheff has ever organized. For more pictures click this link.


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