Ai Zaini, Brunei UK Student created a spark in the UK music industry when he teamed up with the English award-winning Musician Mr. Colin Bass to do a collaboration concert at 21st July 2012. Held on Asia Stage Battersea Park, it is part of the collective events leading to the 2012 London Olympics Finale.

Under the band name Bamboo Pearl Orchestra, Ai Zaini and his team entranced the audience to the intriguing worlds of traditional and contemporary sounds of South East Asia.

The privately funded student -whose real name is Awang Abdul Mu’iz bin Zaini- took on the role as a supporting guitarist alongside with musicians, artists and dancers from different parts of the region: Indonesia, Laos, Malaysian and Thailand.

Great Lekakul, who represented Thailand, commented in a facebook interview “To be honest, I was very happy to play my (Thai) music with this band and such privilege to play with wonderfully talented musicians.” He supplied the photography above.

In an e-mail conversation with songwriter and record producer, Mr Collin remarked; “It is a special project….it was wonderful to get the whole troupe together, some of whom I met for the first time, including Ai Zaini, did an excellent job.”

“We are trying to seek out other funding possibilities to enable us to gather the team together again as everybody really enjoyed working together on what turned out to be a very unique, and very harmonious, project.” The director recalled.

Bamboo Pearl Orchestra has its own music video uploaded on YouTube entitled “Have Visa No Have Rice”. It has now attained over 3,200 views.

Special Thanks to Cikgu Kamaliah from UPP(Brunei Student Unit) London and Muhammad Ayyub, President of Brunei Student Union 2011-2012 for the information.