Musab Elrashid, aspiring artist, has just released his 1st ever Music Video entitled “So Amazing”. It is filled with great lyrics and beats. An epitome of the underground hip hop music aiming it big in You Tube. I won’t describe any further lest you want some spoils.  Therefore you just have to watch and listen it for yourself. *Obvious Hint* There is a very beautiful girl here.

Whilst creating the video, the 18-year-old PTEK student teamed up with the likes of producer Freezle – who has his own MV entitled “Lady Swag”- and director Han Ying Looi. The crew involved in it is as follows:  Melissa TanArian StifflerFarouq Zulkipli, Adrian Killian Ashcroft and Laura Watchman. The scene was shot at the The Mall, Gadong and Jerudong Empire Hotel Country Club.

“Share it ,Subscribe it and Like it. Most importantly enjoy the video :)” Musab commented in his facebook. Well you heard the mate. Here is the Music Video “So Amazing”. You know what to do next.

Note to Audience* I first caught up with Musab when he introduced his music “Islam means Peace“. The AMO Times was at its prehistoric age then.