If your a Bruneian Teen you don’t know what One Direction is, then you may as well be living in a whole new separate dimension. For, they are the new definition of the trendy boy bands of today, that has sparked the whole world aflame from in and out of UK. And Brunei Darussalam is no exception.

The British-Irish band consisting Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have created a global phenomenon mainly through their 1st ever debut hit album “Up All Night”. The album spawned the UK Single Chart topping hits–“What Makes You Beautiful”, “Gotta be You”, and “One Thing”. Their second album will be hitting out the stores somewhere this late 2012.

Asians, particularly Bruneians have been so fanatical about One Direction that they even set up social accounts about them. All eager to show their moral and unending support for the band. Personally I think the admins who made these accounts are doing Brunei Darussalam good. There is a twitter account dedicated for the boy band @BruneiLoves1D that has long been created since October 2010 boasting 3,219 followers. The admin has been instrumental in demystifying the rumours about Bands intention to hold a concert at Jerudong Park this October(See picture insertion below).

The Entrepreneurial Culture went abated without vigour for the Bruneian youths here. A student from Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan along with her cousin in UK took an idea of offering 1-Direction wristbands to the market. The Idea was an instant success in UK. Brunei Darussalam was destined to be next. Below are their offering, directly exported from the United Kingdom. “It will be a hit” said the anonymous cousin “I just know it”. Those who are interested may contact the student supplier here at +673-8926414. Terms and Conditions applied and is subject to a first-serve-basis-order.

In another angle there are those who set up a forum in BOP and Tiger Beat and in Twitition. You may see for yourself. As said they are doing Brunei Darussalam a good thing. Don’t try to criticize them for being “over obsessive souls”. Those who reckon that can flush themselves down to the toilet. I mean 1 Direction have some notable talent and music that I believe most of us can appreciate. Though I don’t and will not ever share the same passion as these Bruneians for the band, I do, as an active netizen myself, be able to appreciate and sympathize the efforts our local youths have put in. Mainly because I would act like a “fanatical fan” myself too if Ray William Johnson or Najib Razak ever tweeted me. So as to borrow my friend @IzamRyan‘s quote, “To Each, His own”.

Reality can be as sourly or as sweet as you may decide especially if your studying here in UK. For one may be able to attend their concerts LIVE. Ticket price would average from £50 to £200. The most expensive so far would be £704.86 on the front section in O2 Stadium. It is just a bus ride from Brunei Hall. You may get a price from £40 and that is if you are willing to settle for less. Where you have to book for it months down the road and only be enjoying it in the midsts of the background noise. So far as I have heard there are no Bruneians yet who have attended the concert. Will it be you?

Equally there is a product sold at Amazon.com named as HairyWorm 10 x One Direction Wristband Bracelet’s include Harry Styles, Zayn Mal… Check it out!