If you aim to operate a multi national company one day or have an interest in the playing fields of high level corporate national finance then Essex Business School is one of the best places to go. As an MOE Scholarship recipient taking BSc International Enterprise and Business Development I would rate it 8 out of 10. It mainly stems out of three things: Knowledge. People. Contribution. All the more in developing His Majesty’s National Vision of 2035 of a Greater Brunei Darussalam.

Firstly, The knowledge. It will be immense and practical. What have been all but theory and cold facts would be replaced by that of potential implementation of one’s ventures. In my case The AMO Times. I can attest that it is because of the consultation and advise of my lecturers that have helped the website go global today.

Do not worry if you lack the business background. All has been ironed out through the 4 solid modules provided in the 1st year. They are Accounting, Economics, Principles of Marketing, Markets and Selling and finally Business Creation and Growth. The backbone knowledge to operate an Enterprise.

On the 2nd and final year can you choose which modules that tickle your fancy. From Organizational Behaviour and management to Financial management and Business Accounting, from Multi National Finance to Networked Economy, from International Human Resource management to Business Strategy. Part of the reason why I was attracted in taking the course.

Secondly, most of the students I meet in Essex Business School are forward thinking. What I mean by that is they are focused in their resolve in getting the best possible outcomes either academically or practically. In former in achieving the 1st class degree while the latter getting the best out of their current enterprise in the existing environment. All the while studying over in the university campus.

Personally, I met a lot of dynamic international students while at here. All who hungry to make it big in the commercial world one day. Some of them are from Hong Kong, Turkey, Pakistan, Macau, China, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Africa etc. Thus it also provides the perfect basic platform in helping to brush up one’s communication skills and confidence before branching up one’s business as a Multi National Company one day.

Being only at least an hour from London made it viable for the students here to go in and about around UK to learn the latest business trends and current happenings. It is a good thing as this made them well informed of the economic situation. Sharpening their decision skills in one day obtaining the best possible outcomes for their individual or employers enterprise.

Finally contribution. It is an ideal that stays close in my hearts of hearts that a Greater Brunei Darussalam will one day rise from an obsecure and unknown land into a global economy by 2035. What the course above entailed are all but part of the missing piece in achieving just that. With the current setting, I am humbled to have gotten the scholarship as this marks not as a privilege but as a duty in upholding justice and peace in pushing His Majesty’s ideal vision into reality.

Through this course one would then be able to implement them into aligning the development of a specific national enterprise or financial infrastructure. Whether it may be in evolving the national bank into a multi national company or to developing Brunei Darussalam as the main hub for Islamic Finance among the South East Asian Region. All the rest in solidifying the national economy in the international stage.

In conclusion, the knowledge which one should get here will be immense and practical. The people you will meet are going to be forward thinking and dynamic. Providing you the best place to brush up your communication skills, confidence and business acumen. BSc International Enterprise and Business Development will be one course which is going to be a must for the nation to develop His Majesty’s vision of a Greater Burnei Darussalam by the year of 2035.