Eduard Khil, the person who gave us the Troll song has sadly passed away at the age of 77 in St. Petersburg due to a stroke.

He was an amazing the person who gave us hearty laughs through his Troll Youtube Song. Now its all engulfed by the sorrow of his passing.

He told in the interview(Above video) about his fascination and ever growing fondness over the internet community about his song.

“I’m loving it. People doing parody’s; having fun. It ignites them. The internet can help share happiness. It connects generations. I came to love the internet.” Mr Khil said.

Then he proceed to sing his golden song in the empty room that depicts the growing sorrow.

Mr Troll 1934-2012.

Let this year be a year of remembrance to the netizen community for the great person.

Below is the video that had made him the legendary figure in the netizen community.

It was the sir’s golden moment. It was his glory days.

May he rest in peace. A message all the way from a Bruneian Netizen.