“(Censored) Game” a YouTube video has gone negatively viral across the net recently. It’s about a girl stealing some cds from a well-known video game shop. Plus within an hour of a Facebook post by a local fan page it had over 60 shares and hundreds of views. What is interesting is that the video was not made by a personal video camera or mobile phone device, but that of the company’s CCTV itself.

In a company, theft carries serious penalties. Everyone knows that however there are limitations to it. In this context the company seem not to understand that. Once they realized what had happened, they in turn post the CCTV video of the incident onto YouTube. It is from their own mind that this can help build awareness of the consequences of stealing.

Now the question is this: Is this the right way to teach others not to commit the same crime at the cost of the girl’s self-image? And is this the right way to project our national image to the world?

It’s true what she did was wrong but one shouldn’t unveil or spread people’s misdeeds out there especially with our country’s NAME ATTACHED. This can really destroy her self-Image and the Nations. Better option would be handing the video to the authorities and let them deal with that.

The local Facebook fan page is equally ignorant of this fact. If you are one of the admin ask yourself a similar question like the above. Will promoting your fan page over the defamation of the people of the nation be adequate to justify your marketing campaign?

Our Nation has a good and peaceful image to the eyes of the world. We have a reputation to take care off. We do not want any negative attachment to our name let alone be generalized by the ignorant netizen out there. “(Censored) Game” should be deleted before ignorant netizens from other countries tries to pull our national image down.

*The Author have deliberately censored the real name of the video.