Harvey Mckay once stated in his book “Swim with the sharks” that Politicians are the best businessmen. At the time of reading I did not manage to understand the concept. It was up until yesterday did I finally understood it after when my personal tweets were replied by Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak, the Malaysian prime Minister himself.

Dato’ Mohd Najib Razak’s tweet was brief but his gesture has created an impression on me. It’s profound to say the least because a man in his position is hard to contact by. But his position is clear as a leader of the “Rakyat”.

It started long before the incident happened when I was making some research about him via youtube. From here I watched some biased media at work, throwing some stones, sticks and flames without remorse. It was pretty ugly. What everybody was commenting, everyone followed. In my mind they are still just that, biased media. But as I delve deeper in finding more about him, I stumbled across his YouTube channel entitled “NajibRazak”. In his channel there was a video segment where he would answer the questions posed to him via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter etc. He would then answer them personally. From complex questions such as the Multi-Million Ringgit National youth funds, to district developments, from book recommendations to career advise, from Batman(Yes Batman) to Kueh Tiaw, he answered them.

He noted that he recommend a book entitled Blue Oceans Strategy. It’s a book to help develop a business model or political model to get ahead of competition in the market place by finding a niche and utilizing a competitive advantage. Another book for my Amazon reading wish list. Anyways…

The local conferences were up next. There I listened to his speech and suggestions to the audiences who questioned about the recent developments and current national issues. When one lady asked if her district would be able to develop itself to be as good as its neighboring district, Tun Najib Razak replied that the government will focus more on its oil export. The district has some huge reserves than its counterparts so he suggested that it would be a source of revenue that should generate enough economic activity. In the long run he is confident that the area will soon be at par. The questions of the people were answered. As mentioned even in social networks.

A moment later I thought why not If I ask him about the economic ties between Brunei and Malaysia? Nothing for a Bruneian student to lose here. So I tweeted him with high pessimistic view that he may not reply. It was probably sleeping time for everybody in Malaysia and plus he was as said a Prime Minister. So the chances were slim to none. A few minutes gone by and still nothing. So I took a dinner. When I came back I saw my tweet message and surprised I was to find out that he tweeted me in my inbox! It read “Thank you for your remarks. We have very good relations with Brunei. We will work towards deepening our ties even further.” It felt good yet humbling. In a sense that a true leader will always take small matter into consideration whether a the person is form Malaysia or from Brunei. I learned a lesson of leadership from him that day.

He even made me want to discuss economic ties with him personally one day. He is after all the former finance minister of Malaysia, perhaps I can learn a thing or two from a person like him. So the readers who have read my lengthy and hopefully entertaining post should take into account that Brunei has to strive hard in the world. Let us find our own uniques competitive advantage as opposed to be totally depended on oil and gas. Let for those who are willing in Brunei help Malaysians develop Dato Tun Najib Razak’s idea of 1Malaysia and in turn let his people help us in creating His Majesty’s vision of 2035 of a Greater Brunei Darussalam. As the immortal Victor Hugo wrote in his diary the night before he passed away that Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.

To the readers, particularly the Bruneian Youth our time will one day come. Be prepared for it.