It was a night to remember for the over 10,000 people particularly for the Bruneian youth for the Brunei HSBC 2012 Walk, Run, Cycle at the SOAS field in the capital city. Students from PTEK, Maktab Sains and many more could recall the amazing event the night before.

Pauline from PTEK commented about the lively event. “It was great, the fact that it was in the night made it a little easier for everyone. didn’t hear anyone complaining at all. It was also so good as it helped Bruneians interact with one another, meeting new people and all.(What’s more) Children participated too!”. “Well overall it was great :p HAHAHAH” she tweeted The AMO Times.

Farizah Abdullah from Sekolah Menengah PAP Haji Masnah remarked “HSBC 6KM run yesterday night was fun!”

Meanwhile Hazirah Mazim from Maktab Sains recall her excitement in the event amid only joining the 6kn run. “Even though i only joined 6km run, i did have a great time running. It’s good to see many people participating in the event. Great job HSBC for organising such an event!”

Not forgetting one of the most eye catching props ever was the Lego Avengers group as you see above in the picture. In an informal interview The AMO Times asked them of the event and they replied with great enthusiasm of it and the utmost appreciation for the HSBC team : “It was an absolutely epic night not only for us ‘LEGO’ Avengers but as well as the remaining 10K participants. Thumbs up *LEGO Style to HSBC for making this event successful!”

A student from ITB, Michell Yap Hui Ying replied “it was fun!! like what the hsbc workers said “its a huge event” first time banar i see lots of people. about 10 thousand. most of the people join 6km. 11.5km is challenging but then also ramai wa. for me, this is a chance for me to prove to myself that i can do it. i mean like well, i never really enjoy running. my friends rarely see me run around~~ i join this to see whether can i reach the finish line without giving up, resting or taking shortcuts. but ya, i join the 6km. i didnt run tho~~ i just keep on walking and walking and yes, i finish it!! it is a big step for me and im proud of myself ^^ plus, its for charity. Everyone enjoys doing charity and yest, make ourself healthy at the same time. Its like shooting 2 birds with one stone!!.”

Picture courtesy from Izzati and Nadzirah