There are many times when we all want to execute great achievements only to find most of them later unfinished and forgotten. Afterwards the article would give you the 5 methods on how to increase your productivity.

Whether you are a student in PTEK, a teacher in UBD or a CEO in HSBC, all these points would invaribly help you out to get the most of everything that has been set to you. Thus making you feel more happier, stree-free and more productive in your life.

I believe this should be read among the Bruneians youths. Because we are the ones who are always constantly demanding the government to do more to build up the nation are we not?
Few days ago I saw a picture of a dude from Google giving a workshop to the students explaining that one should can aim to be 5% different than the rest of the population and that could make a hell lot of a difference.

That is how Google got to its position in the 1st place. By thinking differently form the rest. That is how Brunei should all be and these 5 points mentioned would give you that jolt to keep you alive and kicking in this globalized world.

Without further ado below are the 5 steps towards increasing your productivity.

1. Never Leave Things Behind
Here is chinese saying that got pounded into my head whilst I was working part time in a local oriental restaurant here. I got countless feedbacks from my boss to always never leave anything behind even the small things which I occassionally did. “The punches you miss is the one which wears you out the most” a quote said. And leaving all the small things can make you lose your energy thus making you less productive. So better to not leave things behind. After I followed his advise, soon enough everything set sail according to plan.

2. Write Down goals in Your head
“Our brain is not programmed to remember” said David Allen the international best selling author of Getting Things Done. “Rather you should write down what you think in a piece of paper”. It was suggested from my Tweeter friend Izrmy. After I done this my productivity bloomed towards unimaginable heights. All the things in your head would go away but not if its written down in something. So get your pen ready and write all your goals out before its too late!

3. Create Projects
If the goals you have written down are many in more than one idea then I suggest you should make projects out of it. Make it Project A and Project B out of it and in a seperate piece of paper you write down the lists of goals you should be achieveing. Why? Because if you try to mix Biology with Mathematics in your planning than you better not plan it at all. You would only end up in the computer checking out your latest tweets as a route for escapism from the confusion you bring yourself into.

4. Finish What You Start
When you look and study the most richest people in the planet you would find that they are men of intergrity and honesty. Which means that if they promise something to get done they would finish it as creatively and presistently possible. Where would Genting Highlands be if Goh Tong gave up halfway through the resorts completion. So when you have an idea push it through with indomitabble wit and will. Concur that you are going to achieve it no matter what. Even the small things. Remember Providence have its strange ways in testing you. If you cannot finish your homeworks then how could you possible get 4 A Stars someday?

5. Make Haste
Life is too short. Better to run then to crawl. Make decisions fast and steady and when you do make sure you implement your decisions. Or else it would only be good intentions that will be the pavements set towards hell. There are a lot of talented Bruneians inside the government body now but they are just mere mileccianous if they cannot implement decisions to change the policy and settings as fast as possible. The glorious year of 2035 awaits. A world class economy will be on the rise so let us make haste in being the best we can in creating the best we all should.

These 5 steps can increase your productivity: To never leave things behind, to write down goals in your head, to create projects out of them if its too much, to always finish what one starts and to make haste all in all in acheiving our national goal of 2035.