Brunei students in UK and Ireland are all set to vote for their new Brunei Student Union board today. Once elected the boards duty will include in fostering relations among the other Brunei society in UK and in Ireland as well as representing them effectively in facing the issues that conjures up.

The main reason why this vote is important to students is that if the right people are elected then their respective society can benefit greatly. Such that they can get media backing, the financial support and the necessary help in getting through the bureaucracy in managing events. Most importantly is that their society gets a voice in the representative board which may otherwise be ignored if students do not chose wisely.

The vote is important as it is linked to every Brunei students here. The voters are held as the main priority in this session and the elected officials should listen and do their rightful duty so as to meet the demand of the people. How? By asking the nominators what they should do and what they should be really representing before giving them the vote.

In searching for the better candidate, Students are advised to base their votes on the person’s leadership, competence, past contributions and relevance.

Thus in this case the writer would inject what he promises if he is elected part of the board. Below is a transparent excerpt of what the writer will do if elected as President. http://bit.ly/KlXzAC and as Financial Secretary http://bit.ly/IRtK8g. The writer would recommend Nabil Abdullah to be the Information Secretary because he is competent in Media and has given much of his contribution to the society.

Equally readers may read testimonials written by the nominators. Positions that our Brunei UK Students are aiming are as General Secretary, Information Secretary, Sports Secretary and their respective assistants. Undergraduate and A-Level Social and Welfare officer are also there. More information at http://bit.ly/JybVfK

Vote now for your favourite candidate by completing this form by clicking Here. Have your rightful voice be today. Voting session ends at Friday Midnight at 18/05/2012 and are only open to Brunei UK and Eire Students.

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