University life is like a box of Chocolates. You may never know what you are going to get. Sometimes its pleasing and more often times its not. Moments such as the bombardment of university assignments,  upcoming the exam, and constant “migr—” disease that can literally wear some students out. With the natural tendency for us to make complaints and nags about it, its fitting that I write this article piece just to help you uncover the different kinds of chocolates that you would expect, prepare and hopefully avoid for once you get into University Life.

Firstly, just to clear things straight, I am an 1st year undergraduate. The 1st year is the time when students in general could claim that its an easy breezy moment. Much so like the 1st year in A-Levels. Where even if you do not give a damn about everything, your performance does not actually affect you profoundly than that in the main exam. Which gives you the impression that you are free like an eagle in the sky.

Boy, I was so wrong(in both counts). This is not A-Level’s level. This is University’s level. My hopes of soaring the skies fell short. Instead I was locked in a canary cage where I had to do all the assignments and works so as to meet my university passing grades. The assignments were shot down on us like atomic bombs from WW2. Where we have to make either a report or an essay for each module that literally wiped out the morale of every humanely student I met in any UK University.

Each modules containing at least 2000 words for the 1st year and progressively increases to an unprecedented 3000 at the 2nd and at least 4000 by the 3rd. Each time more deadlier the year before. So much so we need to consider(at least for my case anyways) that there were 4 different modules and after the multiplication its roughly about 8000 words. It was an ongoing challenge yet again. But its okey, most students should manage to finish them all. Those who were left behind got 0% for their exam.

Secondly the advent of the university exams. Bruneian students in UK should then be prepared and all beefed up to conquer the big moment. After all its like our normal exams is it not? Only this time if one fails, the person is not only going to humiliate himself but those who hoped for him/her dearly. Did I not forget o mention HM’s expectations for us? Which might give you the pressure to work hard until you bust yourself off your limits. If you do not manage yourself well, you will only succeed in pushing yourself down the path of destruction. Like a Roller coaster rocketing too fast that it end up breaking the rails and BAM!: Final Destination.

So whilst studying in UK its important to note the fact the we should all not underestimate university level exams.  Be prepared. You will have plenty of time to do your revisions, home works, studies etc.  The examination seasons will usually start in between the end of the Easter Holiday and the beginning of Summer. Roughly between 15th May up to 5th of June.

Thirdly, it is the famous “Migr—” disease. I shall purposely censored it so you won’t be infected by it. It is basically the stinging pain that you feel inside your brain. Metaphorically speaking “Migr—” like someone poking a needle onto your temporal lobe. It can wear students out. This can be due to tremendous stress that are caused by the above mentioned: University assignments, upcoming exam etc. But little do people know that it is simply an imaginary illness that was planted into their mind through the assimilation of the word “Migr—” by some associate who seem to care of their well being. The result: Dozens of Brunei UK Students getting this disease.

I mean the idea of the disease could multiply inside your head. The pain can develop just like that. Better to be like the positive and indifferent Dubai son of a gun sheikhs, where when crisis befell upon them, they termed and treat it as“Blessings of God”. 

So if the the “Migr—” do befell on you one day then we should treat them as Blessings of God. For good reasons. It helps us slow down and take a look back in life. It helps us look at what we are doing now. It forces us to ask whether what we are doing now is effective or efficient. So Bruneian UK Student hopefuls wherever you are, always keep form saying negative things such as the word that cannot be named. More so the more you dwell on the word the more pain you will feel thanks to the power of thought.

In concluding, Student hopefuls should not underestimate the assignments, essays and exams laid out by the University. Students have to work hard in preparing for the big day. The losses are greater this time than it was when you were in High school or in College. To succeed one have to really work hard. Finally the “Migr—-” disease should be termed as “Blessings of God”. So to with any negative words. In this article University Life does resemble like a box of chocolate. Now as I show you the overview of University life its up to you to pick which ones you need to pick, prepare and avoid for. Until then, Abdul Malik Omar signing out.

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