Sitting down, watching TV, checking the web, reading books, eating, sleeping and studying probably are the main daily course of the Brunei students here once they have fully settled down. This includes me. There is nothing wrong about it but frankly I felt like a couch potato.

Feeling somewhat bored of the surroundings and academic life, thought that I should do something that is quite fun, helpful and challenging. There was fire in my belly.

Feeling that media is going to be the “next big” thing, I thought of delving into the industry. When I finally started up The AMO Times, the 3rd article entitled “Top Ten Strange News for Brunei Darussalam at 2011” release got 1300 hits. Talking about the next big thing! I mean I was influencing a lot of people over here and that gave me a motivational kick to press forward for The AMO Times.

For those who may be wondering what “AMO” stands for, it is actually the abbreviation of my name “Abdul Malik Omar”. But a moment ago I have thought that it should be redefined as “Amalgamated Media Organization”. Let it go at that then. The “Amalgamated Media Organization” Times!

This enterprise is not actually an enterprise, it does not make money out of traffic, its simply a tool in helping to promote the Bruneian society and entertainment to the world.

Because Brunei is unknown!

Once you go into the western countries, I bet you £1.00 that 90% of the people you meet and ask down the street in the western hemisphere will not be able to locate where Brunei is or it actually exist in the planets map.

They would be like “Wha????? Your not located in a Chinese Village are you?” or “Oh yeah that one in Africa! Dar er salaam! yes yes I know.”

Sad, you say, its truth I’ll say.

By far we have over thousands of visitors from across the globe, from UK to US to Australia to India you name it. For the last 30 days we had over 7000+ visitors from America. So at least the contribution is there to help make Brunei renowned. AT LEAST!!!!

Going back to the part of being board, its quite boring(I know its a grammatical mistake) to be here in Essex University. Sure you got to mix up and meet with a lot of international students but somehow, I just do not feel the “connection”. Especially to the white people(If your offended in reading this I have white blood to). The others are quite okey especially the Asian, they are really nice. But most of the time the conversations with others only last for few minutes or less than a few second by only exchanging “how are you?” and “Whats up?” greetings. (I repeat, its most of the time, not all the time, I ain’t a freaking recluse.)

Is it me or is it that I still have the colonial mindset passed down from our forefathers who were stripped our of their lands of Sabah and Sarawak by the Imperialists? Or is it that I just need some time in adapting into a new environment? I think the former and latter should be the answers to it.

But I do mix well with Asians, hey they are nice people. I felt the connection there. Talking about Asians I miss home. I miss my bed. I miss my father’s car. I miss resting down in my “office”. I miss my girlfriend. I miss nasi katok. I miss all of it. Except the hell like weather. How I wish Brunei would snow.

It snowed here in UK last January/February and The AMO Times got a chance to report on the story. Click here if interested.

But students here do feel “empty” and have that desire to go back “home”, or in this context back to Brunei. In my case my boredom resulted to the development of The AMO Times.

Well there are only a few more years to go before I can do that. Well as I continued in my journey I shall phraphrase a wise man’s saying that this too shall pass. I hope I will not be too old to achieve my dreams and not quite gullible to outside critics. Hopefully I can achieve what I want to achieve and I bid you too should achieve your goals before its too late. Until then Bye Bye,