Brunei Darussalam is marked the Autism awareness day celebration held at 31st march 2012 in the Rizqun Hotel, Gadong. The night will be in tuned with lightning of the blue from 8pm with a kick off dinner before that. SMARTER in collaboration with Prism Works Event Management organized the event.

A day after that, on Sunday 1st April, the SMARTER Musical will take place featuring the students from the center and by one of our local artist, Aidil. The day after, 2nd April will see the official launching of WAAD 2012 and the Competency Based Training Program and Forum on Generating Opportunities to Adult Life(GOAL) in the SMARTER Centre. Media coverage will be handled by The AMO Times in retrospect.

SMARTER is Brunei Darussalam’s leading autism NGO focused in helping special kids to get ahead in society. Started on 9th Sept 2001, it has expanded into 3 centers catering so far about 88 Families and counting. More information about them in the website: SMARTER Brunei